Say what you do, and do what you say!

I am not a DIY person and when I spend money on services I do not respond well to hidden fees, surprises, unkept marketing promises,etc. I had none of that with Dustless Tile Removal.

I had a variety of removal services done, floor tile, shower pan, shower walls, fireplace fascia and a tile wall. The process was explained, the quote arrived same day, date/time was scheduled and it all happened exactly as it was stated during the initial walk through.

In whole, the house was left cleaner than when they started the work, and they capture the minute details such as removing nails, grinding surfaces, cleaning, etc.

I definitely got the feeling they wanted to do good by me, and my contractor. Customer satisfaction seems to be an integral part of the philosophy.

I will use this company again and I will most definitely recommend them to family, friends and acquaintances, but definitely not to my enemies!