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Dustless Tile Removal, consider your well-being and your health. We are the definition of a clean and dustless tile removal service in Phoenix, Gilbert, Scottsdale, AZ and other surrounding areas. We can also do wood removal, travertine removal, tile floor removal and many others. We can provide daily processing up to 1000 plus sq. ft. We are licensed, bonded and insured for all your tile installation and tile removal needs.

For specifics our services include, Ceramic Removal Porcelain Removal, Travertine Removal, Slate Removal, Granite Removal, Flagstone Removal, Wood Removal, Laminate Removal, Residential Carpet Removal, Commercial Carpet Removal, VCT Removal, Vinyl Sheet Removal, Adhesive Removal, Epoxy Paint Removal, Stained Concrete Removal, Stamped Concrete Removal, Concrete Grinding, Thinset Removal, Dustless Tile Removal and many others like tile installation. We provide services to Phoenix, Gilbert, Scottsdale, AZ and other surrounding areas.

At Dustless Tile Removal we partner with flooring shops, flooring contractors, construction supervisors and homeowners throughout Phoenix, Gilbert, Tucson, Prescott, and Flagstaff AZ Regions to assist and improve remodeling schedules, installation warranty and quality of life for all. Our pride Dustless Tile Removal experts are licensed contractors that enable us to deliver a distinctive and thorough dustless tile removal experience that will surely exceed your expectations. Enhance your building project with our dustless floor removal method or other services like tile installation and wood removal, to know more contact our professionals now!

We cater to our clients in Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Paradise Valley, East Mesa, Mesa and Phoenix, AZ. A must watch! One of our Dustless Flooring Specialist uses our lite weight grinder designed specifically to grind through Thinset while flattening out the surface for a perfectly smooth finish. We specialize in the following materials: Ceramic/Porcelain, Travertine, Saltillo, Slate, Granite, Flagstone, Wood, Laminate, Commercial Carpet, VCT, Vinyl Sheet Adhesive, Epoxy Paint, Stained Concrete, Stamped Concrete, Thinset

“Go Beyond Conventional, Go Dustless”

From areas of Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Paradise Valley, East Mesa, Mesa, to Phoenix, AZ all covered, call now for a free estimate!

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Dust Free Flooring Removal Specialists

At Dustless Tile Removal in Arizona, we partner with flooring stores, flooring contractors, building managers, and homeowners across the Phoenix, Tucson, Prescott & Flagstaff Regions to help improve remodel schedules, installation warranty’s and quality of life for all included. Contact our experts to learn more about how our dust-free floor removal process can improve your construction project.

Experienced Professionals

Our experienced professionals are not only licensed, bonded, and insured, but they are also equipped to complete most flooring removals within just one day!

High Quality Service

Our efficient and cost-effective dust-free removal process cuts down on your overall project time, while also eliminating the need for an additional cleaning service.

Great Customer Service

We believe that our customer’s experience comes first, and that is why our team is available via phone and email to answer any questions about our services.

Healthy Choice

Our service and method of dustless tile removal keeps your family and pets in mind. A healthy clean remedy to keep the air quality pure so that you can breathe easy.


✅ We are very efficient, most jobs are completed in just one day.

✅ We save you time on your project schedule by reducing demo  and cleaning days.

✅ We save you money by Not having to hire cleaners to clean up construction dust.

✅ We provide the perfect surface for your next floor covering whatever that may be.

✅ We take our debris with us at the end of the day.

✅ We have a large coverage area from Phoenix to Tucson & Flagstaff.

✅ We are experienced, licensed, bonded & insured.

✅ We do both Commercial & Residential projects for flooring stores, building managers, contractors and homeowners.

✅ No hotel stays.

✅ No Dust means customers are not required to leave during the removal process.

✅ Flooring Stores can confidently offer a reliable truly Dust Free resource.

✅ Flooring contractors can focus on more installs and less downtime.

✅ We guarantee that we can exceed anyone’s expectations with our Dustless advanced system.

✅ Dustless means Stress-less.


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Dustless Flooring Removal Specialists

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. See the before and after picture. We leave your home or office cleaner then when we arrived. We leave no trace of us ever being there. We pride on our ability to show our clients the lengths we are willing to go to guarantee satisfaction.

No Dust! No Fuss! No Stress!

“Go Beyond Conventional, Go Dustless”

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