Depending on the type of layering completed to level out your current floor, there may be soft spots where the Thinset or other compounds may stick to it creating divots on your floor. This is normal for housing with floors with different elevations. This happens when the poured concrete was either poured in at different times or the concrete was poured, and the installation took place before the concrete could completely set. In some cases, a layering compound was used to elevate the floor to the equal level of the existing floor around it. And in some cases that additional layer poured on top of the existing floor is mistaken for the actual concrete, which is not the case. Our certified DUSTLESS Technicians are very much aware of this and will do their absolute best to work around the issue and resolve the problem by leveling out the area.


What is Thinset? GREAT question! Thinset is the layer that bonds together from the concrete floor to the tile being installed. The layer that causes the most dust! The harmful dust (silica) which is dangerous for all that have allergies. For children, elderly adults and pets, this Silica dust can cause respiratory issues and may even long the line, cause cancer in the lungs. This is one of the major reasons why all our clients should always pursue the DUSTLESS method rather than the past conventional method. This dust lingers and as the dust contaminates the air in your home, it passes on through the ventilation system and fans spreading it over the entire house. A deep clean and revitalization of your vents is a costly process, in some cases really expensive depending on the size of your home. This is why OUR DUSTLESS tile removal process is the way to go. Not only is it more convenient with no cleaning required, we set you up perfectly for the next step to install your floors. Thinset is in most cases after the chipping and demolition of the floor sitting on top of it.


Beneath all that flooring, there is a form of glue holding everything together. In some circumstances, it’s actually holding the ground kept together. Underwood, carpet, vinyl and any other synthetic flooring, there is a form of glue for each one. Each is a different level of difficulty to clean up. Most common glues seen is white, blue, red, green and even black, When you see a black glue, it is usually used with an adhesive material that covers the large cracks in the floor from natural conditions, called “cracked membrane” When you see areas like this, it’s not anything to be worried about, it will not be problematic.


Depending on the last time any flooring renovation took place and contingent on the years it was installed, you being the original or unknowing current owner, the floor may or may not be sitting on top of the previous floor. In the years prior to the present, it was a known practice for some contractors to save time and money for the customer to complete the installation of wood or tile on top of the existing floor rather than removing it which may or may not have been a cost-effective method. In most cases, you would see this type of work done in kitchens, hallways and even bathrooms. We or any other floor specialist would have no knowledge of it till the work actually began and take notice of the difference in material. And like any other contractor or flooring specialist, we do charge by the layer, which is measured on the level of difficulty and removal of said debris.


Our technology is a well-kept secret. The tools we use daily were designed precisely for in-home or in-business use. From our vacuums to all the components used in your home or business work side by side to create a DUSTLESS environment. Our vacuums contain not one but 3 HEPA filters for each individual vacuum, required by OSHA and THIS is why our DUSTLESS process works best. We have many competitors out there, and fortunately we uphold the industry standard. Our specialists and technicians are all experienced with using the necessary tool or tools to complete your project. Our advanced tools allow us to be quick and efficient removing and preparing your floors up 1000 sq. ft or more per day contingent on the type of flooring and determining the layering that pre-existed underneath. The technology we use is as much for our safety as it is for you and your family or counterparts.


We expect you to be surprised by how our DUSTLESS process holds true to our name and hopefully you refer us to your friends and family. We promise to treat your home as if it was our own and we will leave it just as clean or cleaner then when we initially arrived. Incredible service is what we provide every step of the way. We will keep you up to date regarding every step in completing our end of the work, so that your project can be completed in a timely fashion. If you haven’t seen or watched our videos, I would highly recommend it. It’s the proof in the pudding! Always, “Go beyond Conventional, Go DUSTLESS!”