We take pride in our work and providing you and your family, the best experience which takes consideration for your health. Our Triple HEPA filters in our vacuums not only help with your breathing but it saves you in the end from having to hire cleaners as the dust settles into your lives. Not many people understand when you traditionally remove tile or prep floors, there are small particulates (silica dust) that are released into the air which are harmful and dangerous to inhale and breath into your lungs. If you figure per square foot, there could be 1 LB of dust that is released into your home. Imagine what that would be like as the silica dust is circulated through your home by your fans, AC and heating unit while completing a large project in your home. The amount of harmful, cancer-causing dust circulates through the air, most of the time unnoticed. Save on the expense of cleaning your home and ventilation cleansing.

If you or your loved ones have allergies and or issues with breathing, don’t hesitate and give us a call for a free estimate today!

We are far more than DUSTLESS floor specialist, as a division of Diversified Construction, we specialize in all forms of remodeling and renovation when it comes to your home. With that said, we know what it takes to get your project done faster, cleaner and ready for the next step. On the job, we always educate our clients providing unmatched customer service is what we do every step of the way. We are licensed, bonded and we are also insured for personal liability.

We do everything mask free and do not require the use of plastic lining for dust control, no water to hold particulates down from contaminating the home air quality. “Our process is COMPLETELY DUSTLESS.” We promise, that your home will be as clean or cleaner from our arrival to the moment we leave. We will make sure that you are best prepared for the installation process. Add that personal touch you’re looking for.

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