Meet Our Founder | Chris Ladner

As the proud owner and operator of Dustless Tile Removal, a division of Diversified Construction LLC, a family-owned company, we pride ourselves by providing amazing service, integrity, and commitment to stand behind everything we do.

I have been in the construction industry since 1993. I have 18 years vested in the Carpenter’s Union in Chicago, Illinois. I specialized in remodeling and new construction of residential single-family, multi-family, & custom homes as well as low rise commercial projects up to 9 stories. With the many years of experience and running large scale teams, I moved to the Phoenix, Arizona in 2005 looking for the sun and the heat. I’ve never looked back since.

While residing in Arizona, making it my new home, I worked for one of the nation’s largest new home builders for 6 years and I’ve focused on remodeling for the remaining years.

I enjoy what I do and its always been a passion to bring my client’s dream of a perfect home to reality.

What does that have to do with Dustless Tile Removal? I have seen just about everything throughout my career. I know how to build the home from the ground up and I know exactly what it takes to take it apart. I’ve seen and felt the stresses of my customers in both new constructions when they haven’t even lived in the house yet and in remodeling when dust takes over their lives. Flooring and Tile removal can be the messiest part of remodeling and that can even last for years after the project was completed but now it doesn’t have to be. With our motivated specialists and patented technology, we provide a healthy (triple filter vacuum system, **HEPA filter** required by OSHA), a dustless and stress-free method in preparation for your new floor installation. Where most contractors fail during the process of removing and preparing floors is the aftermath. Customers looking for the best deal, typically don’t realize this until after a “typical contractor” has already left the home and come to the realization that the house is covered in dust. The cost to deep clean your home and air ducts can be an expensive process, which can range between $600-$2500, potentially more depending on the size of your home. You might save $1 to $2 upfront per square feet, but you’ll definitely pay later on. We guarantee our work and it brings us great joy that we can provide a service that benefits your health and wellness along with a beautiful floor.

Have Questions?

Have Questions?

Our Dustless Tile Removal Experience

For decades I have been offering solutions to building and remodeling processes and I am proud to say that we are able to offer yet another key solution for home and building owners as well as the flooring contractor industry. As a proud certified Dustless contractor, we offer a stress-free and Dustless Tile Removal Experience that is sure to exceed anyone’s expectations.

Dustless Tile Removal in Arizona can also help with time management on a contractor’s remodel schedule. Contractors can now focus entirely on what they do best and leave it to us to make clean work out of the dirty work many times just in one day. All they need to do now is show up and dazzle the customer with their new floor installation while offering a better installation warranty because we prep the floors properly for the next floor type to be installed after our removal process is complete and no cleaners needed on the schedule following our work.

We at Dustless Tile Removal, are a division of Diversified Construction LLC, a family-owned corporation that offers travertine removal, slate removal and other services for Paradise Valley, Chandler, Scottsdale, AZ, and other areas as well. We pride ourselves on offering incredible service, honesty, and dedication to stand behind everything we do. We have been in the construction industry since 1993. We have 18 years vested in the Carpenter’s Union in Chicago, Illinois.

In need of home remodeling, residential construction of single-family, multi-family and custom homes as well as low rise commercial projects up to 9 stories, we specialized on this call Dustless Tile Removal now for a free estimate!
Our years of experience has gained us a lot of expertise. We have a number of partners from Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Gilbert, Chandler Scottsdale, Tucson, Prescott & Flagstaff AZ Regions to assist us in many of our projects. We can do work such as Ceramic Removal, Porcelain Removal, Travertine Removal, Slate Removal, Granite Removal, Flagstone Removal, Wood Removal, Laminate Removal, Residential Carpet Removal, Commercial Carpet Removal, VCT Removal, Vinyl Sheet Removal, Adhesive Removal, Epoxy Paint Removal, Stained Concrete Removal, Stamped Concrete Removal, Concrete Grinding, Thinset Removal and many others as well.

We cater to our clients in Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Paradise Valley, East Mesa, Mesa, Phoenix, AZ and many others in the Arizona region. We are the epitome of clean and dustless floor removal when it comes to our line of work. Be it slate removal or travertine removal services we can do it all! Call us now for free estimate dial – 480-462-4699 and enjoy 100% commitment satisfaction and guaranteed service!

We have been providing alternatives for construction and remodeling procedures for many years, and we are proud to say that we can offer yet another important solution for home and building owners as well as a flooring contractor sector. Travertine, slate, Granite, Ceramic, we are versed and experienced with so many materials. As a proud Dustless certified contractor, we offer a stress-free and Dustless Floor Removal Experience that will surely exceed expectations of anyone!